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About Us

About KS Outsourcing

KS Outsourcing is a company headquartered in Pristine, Kosovo and New York, USA.
We are committed to helping businesses through their growth. Every business reaches a
point where it needs to grow its team and operations, which can be a financial burden.

The core of our business is to offer customized solutions to these businesses and enable them to grow.

We will create a plan that fits your needs at a fraction of the price

Our business model is a combination of outsourcing and offshoring services. The advantage of this model for our clients is the ability it gives them to outsource some of their needs and offshore the rest by creating dedicated teams working directly for them, all under one roof, where everyone involved can communicate, plan and strategize to deliver results. Our clients will also be able to take advantage of our experienced business consultants and specialists across different business sectors who can advise and support our client and their team here every step of the way.

Grow Fast


Reduce Cost

Be more profitable, sustainable and have a unique competitive advantage by saving over 70% of your labor costs.


Gain Access to a qualified and efficient workforce

Outsourcing to Kosovo is the best decision you can make for your business. Exceptional talent, support and professional excellence will give your business an overall financial and operational boost.


Scale up and grow fast

Start with a customized solution that meets your needs and scale up quickly to meet your business demands, without hassle or overhead expenses.

Why outsource to Kosovo?

There are many reasons why outsourcing to Kosovo has proven to be very successful for many companies. Reasons include workforce talent and quality, similar cultural affiliations, multilingual trade-offs, and lower costs. Kosovo stands out in the region as a leading outsourcing market.

Our team

We at KS Outsourcing are committed to creating professional teams who are motivated and knowledgeable in their respective fields. We offer solutions in the following business sectors:

Marigona Bordoniqi

CEO & Founder
Marigona is an experienced leader with more than 8 years of experience as an executive across different sectors of the business. She is one of the founders of KS Outsourcing and has brought to the company her vast experience in team building and start-ups. Marigona is a Certified Accountant with the Association of Certified Accountants and Auditors. She has vast experience in working with US based companies.

Albulena Salihu

Head of Marketing Department
Albulena has more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing in various industries including Technology, Finance, E-commerce, and more. She has proven to be an effective leader by focusing on innovation and outside the box thinking and strategic planning. She has successfully launched and managed marketing efforts for many prestigious businesses.

Ardiana Makolli

Head of Customer Service Department

Ardiana has over 13 years of experience training and managing customer service representatives. She has also managed PR for a few famous Brands. Ardiana is one of only five Certified Trainer s in SOFT SKILLS in Kosovo.

Genc Emini

Head of SEO Department
Genc is an SEO, SMO and Outreach specialist with more than 5 years of experience. Genc has developed innovative approaches in SEO that are second to none. He has proven to be a valuable part of our business and the businesses of our clients.

Why Kosovo?

According to figures recently released by the Government, Kosovo has the youngest population (53% of Kosovo’s population is under 25 years old) in Europe, Kosovo recorded a 20 – 30% growth rate and it is leading the way in the BPO/ITO sector. Kosovo is very well positioned to offer all types of remote services. In this most important trend, Kosovo has emerged as one of Europe’s top locations for global sourcing of different services.
Kosovars speak English with a proper American accent that you can barely differentiate from native speakers. Kosovo’s youth also tend to speak more than two languages offering US businesses the ability to offer their services in other languages as well. Kosovo is the best place to outsource and overcome language barriers.
There is a huge range of advantages when outsourcing different services to Kosovo. The most obvious is the availability of an inexpensive and qualified workforce. The wages in this region are lower, which enables us at KS Outsourcing to provide big savings for our clients.