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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for CPA Firms

KS Outsourcing offers Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsource and Offshore services for CPA firms that aspire to grow and build a team for their needs. 
 enable a simple BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to Accounting firms that are focused on their growth and want to delegate tasks to their offshore team.   

We’ll help you create an appropriate outsourcing strategy that suits perfectly to your company. 

We will cover tons of Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks for you:

Recording financial transactions

Posting debits and credits

Producing invoices

Maintaining and balancing subsidiaries, general ledgers, and historical accounts

Weekly and monthly reports

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting to KS Outsourcing

Accounting, CPA and Bookkeeping firms are incorporating the process of global outsourcing as a huge factor of their business growth.  Outsourcing your Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks to your own team in Kosovo has major benefits not just in cost reduction for your businessbut as effective strategy for business’s growth. 

  • Increase Your Profits
  • Access to a Qualified and Efficient Workforce
  • Grow Fast

How We Will Help You?

You can use KS Outsourcing accountants to work for your clients on Bookkeeping & Payroll Services as per your clients’ needs. 
When you need extra help to take over your clients, you can build your own team that will be trained and reports directly to you.  

We help
accounting businesses achieving efficiency by providing full-time, dedicated staff, based in and working from our offices in the Kosovo as part of your team. 

Payroll Services:

Are you an Accounting, CPA or Bookkeeping firm who is looking to outsource their Payroll processing to a qualified team? Here at KS Outsourcing we provide efficient payroll services for companies of all sizes and industries.  

Payroll Processing

Calculate, deduct and pay automatically Payroll Taxes

Quarterly and annual reporting

Integrate time tracking with Payroll

Available 24/7 — from experienced payroll professionals.

Hire the team you need

Get provided with the solutions for your business.

How it Works:

Staff demands

The first step is identifying that you have staff requirements. When you see that your business has opportunities to grow, but it needs extra people to handle your work with lowers costs, reach out to us and we’ll make the solutions for you.


KS Outsourcing will open job positions for your business, in the Kosovo market. Our own staff will review the applications and choose the good fits for the job. We will send you the shortlisted applications for your final approval.


We will be meeting with candidates at our office, and you can join the interview with the videoconference as well. Following the interviews, our HR team will handle the process of hiring, but you can decide which candidates to start working for you.