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Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology comprises four primary elements:

IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization or access to information and business processes. The IT services market can be segmented by the type of skills that are employed to deliver the service (design, build, run).

We at KS Outsourcing take pride in our IT department and the talent we have been able to nurture and retain through the years.

There are also different categories of IT services: business process services, application services and infrastructure services.

Information Technology comprises four primary elements:

Information Security

Database and Network Management Computer Technical Support

Business Software Development

With KS Outsourcing you get access to the following IT experts:

Network Specialists

Network Technicians

Network Administrators

Network Analysts

Network Managers

Network Engineers

Network Solutions Architects

Hire the team you need

Get provided with the solutions for your business.

How it Works:

Staff demands

The first step is identifying that you have staff requirements. When you see that your business has opportunities to grow, but it needs extra people to handle your work with lowers costs, reach out to us and we’ll make the solutions for you.


KS Outsourcing will open job positions for your business, in the Kosovo market. Our own staff will review the applications and choose the good fits for the job. We will send you the shortlisted applications for your final approval.


We will be meeting with candidates at our office, and you can join the interview with the videoconference as well. Following the interviews, our HR team will handle the process of hiring, but you can decide which candidates to start working for you.