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QA Engineer

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We are looking for a QA Engineer

What You’ll Do:

1. Design and Requirements QA review.

2. Building test-plans with detailed test-steps

3. Conducting Manual testings – most of the time

4. Working with Radiflow tech-support to research the bug. Reproducing the bugs, and guiding the development team to solve it.


1. Background from cyber security or networking companies.

2. Experience with Linux , Network, Virtualization technologies – at least 5 year.

3. BSc in computer science, or equivalent degree.



– Packet structure, ability to learn new protocols (with familiarity with widely used ones, such as: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP).



– Most of the manual testing will be done from the UI – testing networking features. Very similar to using the UI of a firewall to test firewall features.

To apply for this position please send your resume at info@outsourcing-ks.com