Outsourcing KS


We will help you build a sales team that fits your needs and is capable of reaching your company goals.

A strong sales team is crucial to the success of a company. The sales department is directly responsible for growing your business and retaining existing customers. Your sales representatives are the face of your business and represent your culture and values as they are the direct link between a company’s product or service and its customers.

What we do!

We at KS Outsourcing offer two options to fulfil your sales needs. You can either outsource your sales to our sales teams or you can create your own team with the qualifications you need for your business success. Training the sales team either our own team or the team you create is very important. We provide sales trainings periodically, but our clients will have to train the sales team for their specific products or services and their company culture and values. The sales department is one of the most critical sectors of business when it comes to growth. We would love the opportunity to help you do just that!

Hire the team you need

Get provided with the solutions for your business.

How it Works:

Staff demands

The first step is identifying that you have staff requirements. When you see that your business has opportunities to grow, but it needs extra people to handle your work with lowers costs, reach out to us and we’ll make the solutions for you.


KS Outsourcing will open job positions for your business, in the Kosovo market. Our own staff will review the applications and choose the good fits for the job. We will send you the shortlisted applications for your final approval.


We will be meeting with candidates at our office, and you can join the interview with the videoconference as well. Following the interviews, our HR team will handle the process of hiring, but you can decide which candidates to start working for you.