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We at KS Outsourcing are committed to creating professional teams who are motivated and knowledgeable in their respective fields. We offer solutions in the following business sectors:

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Most of the time when people talk about offshoring or outsourcing, they are talking about the traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
What we do is not a traditional BPO.
With the traditional BPO, your offshoring partner is in charge of activities such as hiring, training, working conditions, the quality of work and the offshore organizational culture. Problems are born at this point. Outsourcing tasks has also proven problematic, because your task is handled by a person or team that is not trained specifically for your products or services, rather he/she is trained for that task in general and completes that task for numerous companies.

1) Why we are different.

The way we do offshoring, and outsourcing is conceptually distinct from traditional BPO. We want you to choose your team according to your requirements without having to share them with other companies. The advantage of such option is that it gives you the ability to hire, train and treat your offshore team the same as your home team. This way your offshore team belongs to you without you having to worry about recruitment, HR, social securities, support, payroll, and labor laws.

Outsourcing with us is also different. We limit the number of companies assigned to a team to three, which has proven to be very effective. Outsourcing is a cheaper option than offshoring and depending on the scope of work and a particular business’s needs sometimes is the right option. Creating your own team or outsourcing to our professionals either way you get to train them and share your goals with them.

2) Full access to your team.

To some extent, this means that your team here in Kosovo is different from your home team only geographically because all the training, evaluation and feedback on performance is the same for both and is under your control. You have access to their performance, observe their deadlines, monitor work practices, and receive feedback from both your staff and customers. You can always hire an onshore head manager to oversee those activities who can also travel time to time to check the team in person.
With the traditional BPO there is a conflict of interest because the performance is evaluated based on the cost. There is a natural incentive to hire cheaper labor to achieve better results and higher profit margins. Experienced employees are substituted by junior hires, capital investments are postponed and many times the performance is manipulated and misleading. 

3) Start working with us.

We work differently, we tell you the prices in advance for different levels of expertise, you interview candidates and decide what salary offers to make. Our best and most experienced experts will be made available to you, who will proactively cooperate with you to share our knowledge and expertise in order to propel you towards success.

Our Services

Hire the team you need

Get provided with the solutions for your business.

How it Works:

Staff demands

The first step is identifying that you have staff requirements. When you see that your business has opportunities to grow, but it needs extra people to handle your work with lowers costs, reach out to us and we’ll make the solutions for you.


KS Outsourcing will open job positions for your business, in the Kosovo market. Our own staff will review the applications and choose the good fits for the job. We will send you the shortlisted applications for your final approval.


We will be meeting with candidates at our office, and you can join the interview with the videoconference as well. Following the interviews, our HR team will handle the process of hiring, but you can decide which candidates to start working for you.