Outsourcing KS

Virtual Assistant

We are a firm that provides Virtual Assistants to your company on an offshore basis.

Virtual Assistants provide administrative support to companies remotely by answering phone calls, responding to emails, and managing schedules.

Although virtual assistants are remote, we work the same hours that you do, making sure you don’t miss out on any important tasks. Our dedicated Virtual Assistance programs are designed to fit your needs. Let’s connect on a date and time as per your convenience and make your work easier.

Our Virtual assistant can cater to various tasks like:

Appointment Setting

Taking Inbound/ Outbound Calls

Email Management

Admin Tasks/ Ad-hoc assignments

Calendar Management

Data Processing

Why choose KS Outsourcing services?

Quality leader

We make sure our services are offered with the highest standards on the industry.  We provide personalized services for each client and ensure 100% satisfaction with our virtual assistants.

Save time

Save your time in focusing what really matters for your business and let professionals handing the other tasks for you. Don’t waste your time to hire, recruit and train a new assistant.


Our efficient and powerful service will handle all the tasks for you without having to deal with the cost of hiring an in-office employee. You don’t have to pay for benefits, equipment, or supplies.

Easy to manage

Our VA services are the easiest to manage.  All you have to do is delegate your work to your VA and focus on high priority tasks.  Virtual Assistants will work on your preferred schedule upon your request.

Hire the team you need

Get provided with the solutions for your business.

How it Works:

Staff demands

The first step is identifying that you have staff requirements. When you see that your business has opportunities to grow, but it needs extra people to handle your work with lowers costs, reach out to us and we’ll make the solutions for you.


KS Outsourcing will open job positions for your business, in the Kosovo market. Our own staff will review the applications and choose the good fits for the job. We will send you the shortlisted applications for your final approval.


We will be meeting with candidates at our office, and you can join the interview with the videoconference as well. Following the interviews, our HR team will handle the process of hiring, but you can decide which candidates to start working for you.